Rebuild the World With Pixels

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Core Features

Global Real-World Canvas

You pin pixels on real-world map location. Across available 17MM pixels for you to create awesome pixelart!

Unleash Your Creativity

Create your pixelart then share to the world through our global gallery. Or just

Discover Cool Creations

Browse through pixelart gallery other people around the world have created, and even locate it to help make it better from within the app!


One, Two, Pixel!

  • 1
    Login with Your Social Media Account

    No additional registration, just login with your social media account we support, then you're good to go to start making pixelart.

  • 2
    Start Creating

    Pin pixels on the map around your real location. Create awesome pixelarts to share to the world.

  • 3
    Discover Pixelarts Around The World

    Take some times off to feel the beauty of pixelarts around the world made by peole just like you. Locate to its location within the app, feel the beauty, or even help to make it better.

dual phone

Creating Pixelarts on either iPhone or iPad

VPER is supported natively on both iPhone and iPad. Grab your iPhone and making art on the go, or sit chill on the couch drilling down your creativity on larger screen on iPad.

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App Screenshots


Soon to be Available on iOS App Store.

*Works on iOS 9.0+ univrsally on both iPhone and iPad.

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