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Rebuilding the World with Pixels


Game Description

VPER is a global open space for pixel art enthusiastic to discover new creations, or express their creativity by painting pixels on the real world map.

The global canvas that is so enormous with ~17 trillion available pixel-space for anyone to paint and own as part of rebuilding the world with "pixels". A boundary area will be given according to your current location as a space for you to paint. Whenever you move or travel to a new location, new boundary will be set and you will have more empty space to express your artistic skill. Movement creates energy.

But it's not only about being a creator. In-game gallery acts as a hub allowing you to explore and feel the beauty of pixel arts created by others all around the world. VPER provides in-game QR code scanning functionality (or via image), and manual input V-Code in case you see great arts as shared by others from within the game on social medias. This will help taking you to the real destination in the game seamlessly. Every pixel has unique V-Code that can be located should you have desire to feel the beauty, or further improve the art.

Gallery features editor-choice, and newest creations from every part of the world. There is no short of great creations for you to experience. As well should you decide to go solo, or with your friends in painting pixels is your choice.

Each pixel has its own unique SFX combined together to form a unity of creation. Whenever taps on different pixel consecutively, it can tell a story in music form.

Until the world is completely fulfilled with pixels, you are at the front row to witness this creative development. See how it evolves as time passes. New chapter of VPER is awaiting.

Creator Background Story

This game is collaboration between KOOONART & Angry Baozi (气包子). Read further for individual story behind the scene.

Guanhua Su is a Chinese guy with design aspect oriented. He loves working in collaboration with other people, and always be in a forefront of bringing in talents to be working with him to fulfill his innovative design goal. He has great enthusiastic about filming, video editing, indie game design, hardware especially drones and trend in technology. He would try to capture the opportunity as it presents itself in modern time of society. With a couple of mobile games under his belt, and several more hackathon projects, he's still looking for more. For VPER, he takes care of design part (included game & UI design), high level operation, Chinese community engagement, and co-operating marketing aspect.

Wasin Thonkaew is a Thai guy which has moved to live in Shenzhen for around 1 year and a half by now. He has been indie game developer & freelancer all along for several years. He lives his life as a nomad far from home (Bangkok), but lately tries to settle in Shenzhen. He has organized indie gamedev meetup and has been a leading guy making indie scene attractive back in his home town. He has interest in both game and tech; being all around all-in-one guy who can do anything mindset. With several game jams, experimental projects, and a few commercial mobile games & tech under his belt, yet until the success would find him. For VPER, he takes care of all-around technology part ranging from client to backend as well as taking part in fulfillment to his partner's initiatives by giving suggestion and providing co-decision making in overall process of development. He seems want to touch everything possible! Sure thing.


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There are far more images available for KOONART, and Angry Baozi (气包子) in cooperation, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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